Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recovery ride

After that grueling climb (srsly, it hurted like hell!), I decided to go on a recovery ride...ALL FLATS

The ride started at the river-side park. Praised as the 5-star bike lanes, there are currently 200km worth of these bike-and-pedestrian-only paths along the rivers in Taipei. And I have to say...its definitely 5-star quality (except the under-construction sections...and when there's no need to dodge kids, dogs, baseballs, rugby balls etc)

View of Da-zhi bridge from the river-side park

Can even see Taipei 101 from here!

Of course, biking in taiwan inevitably involves the other favorite pastime: FOOD!
Oyster pancakes, barbeque pork, ball soup, fried tofu for lunch @ Guan Du temple...YUM!
Also learned something interesting: there's a CRAP TON of bridges around the taipei area.

Guan Du bridge...connects to somewhere >.>;;

After passing by the Guan Du area, we continued down the park lanes, then transitioned to some road until hitting 101甲 road...the beginning of another tough climb. Definitely skipping this one today =P.

Yeah...this is as far as I'll go for the day.

Not too shabby for a recovery ride, but there's definitely more to come!

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